Five Essential Shoes Every Woman Should Own

It can be very tempting to purchase the latest trending or chic pair of shoes that catches your eye. You swear to yourself that this time you’ll wear them all year round, but you finally have to admit that most of the shoes you end up buying, struggle to be worn once or even twice before it’s out of style. The next thing you know, you don’t have any classic shoes that are well-suited for most of your outfits. We at Village Footwear are here to help you find the classic essentials.

An essential for any woman no matter how old you are is the classic black pump. No one would be surprised if you don’t already have this in your closet. There’s a reason that they are a classic! A great pair of black pumps go well with literally any outfit you have in your closet and you will need them for almost every event; graduation, work, a party, etc. Having at least one pair in your closet is a must! Go for classic shapes and cuts, don’t get carried away by the latest trendy version that will be outdated by the next season.

Similar to the black pumps, a nude shoe is a must for its versatility that’s why they’re listed amongst our top two. Amazing for everyday outfits or for work they instantly make you look elongated and classy. It upgrades your casual outfits and even subtly amps up your more formal looks. One common mistake that is often made is, women forget that there are many shades of nude available! So make sure to pick a shade that compliments your skin tone and try them on before making your final purchase

Flat sandals are a year-round staple but must-have for spring and summer. They go perfectly well with feminine dresses, shorts and even your jeans. Plus if you love travelling to more beachy destinations you need to have this in your arsenal. The best universal shades to go for are nude, tan, taupe or browns. Pick a pair for more casual everyday chores and one formal pair for special occasions.

Sneakers have now been on-trend for a few years, from everyday Instagram looks to red carpet events. It’s cool to pair your sneakers with almost anything. A good staple to have is a pair of comfy plain white sneakers. It always looks good and it instantly gives your ensemble a laid-back chic vibe! Plus, it can balance out a louder or more out-there outfit choice. Get yourself a good quality leather pair that will be easy to keep clean.

Boots are another great everyday staple that is comfortable especially in the cooler months. They give a chic edge to your overall look and provide that perfect finishing touch. Pick the type of boots that suit your personal taste to inject some style into your wardrobe. Two of the more popular styles are the ankle-length boots and combat boots which are both practical and stylish for all your outfits. Visit us at Village Footwear in The Villages Florida or giive us a call (352) 748-7300