Leather Care Products

Getting your shoes professionally cleaned not only makes them look new again but also helps extend their life. Bring your shoes in regularly to remove stains and neutralize odors from smoke, pets, dust, regular wear, and more. We have a variety of cleaning products and methods to renew your genuine or synthetic leather, canvas, vinyl, patent, nylon, mesh, linen, fabric and napped leathers such as suede, nu-buck and sheepskin. We can also deep clean your sneakers and make them look bright and fresh again. It is also very important to condition your shoes. This includes adding back in moisture. Leather tends to dry out over time and it is very important to restore the natural oils and pigment back into the material to prevent fading, cracking, and to keep the leather soft and supple. A quick service can restore the color and renew the velvety texture.

A shiny shoe makes a great impression. It sends a statement that you take care of yourself and the things that you purchase. Village Footwear has a great variety of polish types and colors to achieve that perfect level of shine for your footwear. Whether you want a professional mirror shine or a soft, natural shine, polishing your shoes not only improves their appearance and makes you feel great, but it helps repel water and dirt and extends their life.

Protecting your footwear is the number one most important thing you can do to extend their life and keep them looking great for years. We can specially treat your leather, suede, nu-buck, canvas, linen, vinyl, genuine and synthetics with our protectors or one of our many other specialized repellents. You’ve invested in a great pair of shoes, this quick service will help shield them from rain, snow, sleet, dirt, oils, stains and salt so they last you a lifetime.